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Another WCM project from 2014 organized by Fader One.

The concept of this underpass in Munich(Schwabing) is on one side ‘Overground’ & and on the other side ‘Underground’.

I painted “in the underground”.




BLACK GOLD Vinyl Cover Art / Art Babel in Munich

I did the flyer design for the Buntlack exhibition with after party and customized two Vinyl Covers for the show.

technics: marker for one cover(Thrillkiss), vector illustration for the other cover(Black Gold) and vector illustration for the flyer


Lego Graffiti Styles Convention / Die Repüblik in Munich

Riko & Chill had the idea to build up international Lego Subways. So the Buntlack Team produced a showroom which had the atmosphere of a tunnel – the perfect lay up for the unique trains. I did the munich subway. After presenting the clean models at the vernissage, the Buntlack Team came back over night to bomb some burner graffiti styles on their subways for the finissage.

Buntlack Lego Video by Kommando 1328 :


My friend Shamez ABC and me painted on canvas for the Ostasinn-Jam at the “Muffatwerk” in Munich.

The canvases has been the stage backdrop for Max Romeo (Jamaika), Wildchild (USA) and other artists.