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Another WCM project from 2014 organized by Fader One.

The concept of this underpass in Munich(Schwabing) is on one side ‘Overground’ & and on the other side ‘Underground’.

I painted “in the underground”.




This Diablo(Thrillkiss) piece from 2002 is from the legendary abandoned Fiat area (Kirchseeon), which doesn’t exist anymore. It has been in the munich outback but these historic halls have still many written styles & stories to tell.

Thrillkiss(PHB) and Van Data(Center Block) in a past westside area of munich. I think in 2003 with 2 other PHB crew friendos.




My friend Shamez ABC and me painted on canvas for the Ostasinn-Jam at the “Muffatwerk” in Munich.

The canvases has been the stage backdrop for Max Romeo (Jamaika), Wildchild (USA) and other artists.


A silver PHB crew piece from 2001 in a abandoned fabric in munich. A really nice spot still existing and rare to find these days.